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"Va bene anche se non mi ami, anche se non mi chiami, anche se non mi pensi, anche se non mi vuoi. Va bene, si fa per dire, ma lo dico sul serio. Va bene anche se oggi sarà l’ultima volta che ci vedremo, che ti sentirò parlare, che ti vedrò gesticolare con quelle mani sempre in movimento, va bene tutto, va bene che tu faccia piangere più del normale, più del solito, più del comprensibile. Va bene anche se non ci baceremo più, anche se non mi spettinerai più per farmi arrabbiare, anche se non mi chiamerai più la sera per raccontarmi una cosa “importantissima”. E va bene. Va bene anche se non mi guarderai più il sedere di nascosto con il sorriso sulle labbra, anche se non andremo più al cinema insieme, anche se la prossima canzone di cui mi innamorerò non potrò fartela ascoltare, e magari la sentirai comunque, ma non sarò io a chiederti di farlo, e allora sarà una canzone come tante altre. Va bene così. Va bene anche se tra poco arriverà il caldo, e ricomincerò ad indossare le gonne, ma non ci sarai più tu a toccarmi le gambe, e va bene anche se non mi rimprovererà più nessuno per le troppe sigarette, per le bugie che dico spesso, per la mia insicurezza. Va bene, va bene anche se non ci toccheremo più, anche se non prenderemo mai più un aereo insieme, anche se non saremo mai amici, anche se non ci dimenticheremo, va bene anche se va male, va bene anche se nessun marciapiede ci farà più da tappeto rosso mentre camminiamo e con le mani ci diciamo “ti amo”. Va bene, e verrà il giorno in cui dovrò odiarti, ma lo sai, deve succedere, va bene, e verrà il giorno in cui ci invieremo di nuovo gli auguri e comunque per uno dei due (Indovina per chi?) sarà ancora troppo presto. Va bene così, anche se ci incontreremo per caso in una discoteca squallida con gente sconosciuta e ci guarderemo come se non ci fossimo mai amati, né odiati, né appartenuti, e ci diremo ciao, ma non ci sarà dolcezza, la tua dolcezza. Va bene anche senza la tua dolcezza, va bene va bene va bene va bene capito? Va bene perché non posso più tenerti, se non vuoi stare con me. Non posso più insistere, non posso più “provare” a farti innamorare di nuovo. Di nuovo? Io ti amo ancora, non “di nuovo”. Va bene, perché con te che mi dici che va male io non ce la faccio più. Va bene, perché con te che mi guardi con quegli occhi spenti io non ce la faccio più. Io ti sento troppo per non andare via ora che tu non mi senti più. 
Va bene così."

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"Skinny is better."
"Si lamentano di essere soli le persone, che invece non lo sono.Mentre quelle che lo sono per davvero,restano in silenzio."
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"1. Be kind. To yourself, to the universe, to humanity. Be uncontrollably kind. Even when they aren’t kind back. Even when they take your kindness as wanting something in return (and they will). Be kind anyway. One random act of kindness each day will help you find yourself in ways nothing else ever will. Love this earth. Don’t pick flowers (love it about appreciation, not possession). Love everything with a beating heart and the world will love you back (at 3am it might feel like that’s a lie, but in time you will understand it to be true. I promise). Don’t harm your body, sweetheart. Your body is the little piece of universe that you have been given to take care of. When you feel like harming it, go and sit outside. Look up at the stars, they will make you feel small at first but soon enough it will make your troubles feel smaller. Yes, the stars are unfathomable, just as you are. You don’t understand them as you don’t understand yourself, that doesn’t make either of you any less beautiful. When you’re standing by the ocean at 21 years old and you are angry at the world for giving you three long years of numbness, let yourself cry. I’m sure you have learnt by now that holding it back only gives you headaches. You will feel the waves at your feet and think they are kissing you goodbye, three months later when your head is clearer you will let out a strangled sob as you realise they were begging you to stay.


2. Some days you will look in the mirror and smile, other days you will quickly look away and refuse to leave the house. That’s okay. You are allowed your bad days (no matter how many times they tell you to pull yourself together) and if the sky is allowed to cry sometimes, then so are you. Loving yourself will be the hardest battle of them all. Stop fighting it. Learn to love the little things about yourself first (the way you see galaxies in your coffee, the way you always end up in bookstores, the way you buy silly amounts of notebooks) they are the things that matter. They are the things that he will fall in love with before anything (and everything) else about you. You will find comfort in fashion but remember this: fashion is nothing without the way that you treat others and hold yourself. Live as if what you do today is what you will be remembered for.


3. Go outside. Talk to people outside your friendship group. If your friends laugh at you for this- they aren’t your friends. Go to the parties; make friends with the girl with purple streaks through her hair in the long sleeves. She’s not weird, she’s shy and she needs you to talk to her. She doesn’t like crowds; sit with her on the roof. When you’ve finished talking, take her hand and squeeze it. Tell her she looks pretty and you had fun talking to her. She won’t say anything back but she’ll remember that night forever.


4. Stay in. That’s allowed, too. In fact, you will learn more from watching Dead Poets Society and reading the Harry Potter series 14 times over than you ever learnt in school.


5. Poetry will become your soul mate. It will be there for you at 1am. It will love you on bad days and great ones. You will spend your weekends reading it and writing it and it will make you feel good, something you haven’t felt about yourself in a lifetime. You might not realise it now, but those poetry writing, black coffee (two sugars) drinking days are the ones you will remember, the ones that will keep you holding on.


6. He will be sad. He will be beautiful. He will understand you like nobody else has ever tried to. You will share poetry at 3am and it will feel like heaven. Eyes like a forest but baby, he will take you up in flames. That’s the problem with tasting heaven, when he stops replying it will feel like hell. You will see he is always online but never for you. Stop. Stop looking at his new girls Instagram. She is pretty but she doesn’t have your soul. It will be hard to gravitate away from him; you will think he has galaxies hidden underneath his plaid shirt. When this happens I want you to get in the shower. Stand under there and cry your eyes out and scream his name. When you’re done, look in the mirror and promise yourself that you will never cry for him again. When you’re lying in bed at 2am and thinking of him is drowning you, close your eyes and rub them. See that? You have the universe inside of you. Stop acting so small. Don’t sugarcoat the pain he caused. It hurts but it is real, you aren’t numb anymore. The pain is unbearable but it’s a lesson, you need that pain to appreciate the ones that love you. And my god, they love you. Put the pills down, you don’t need them. There are some pains that take over your whole being and make you throw up on the pavement every time you leave the house. This isn’t one of them. Appreciate heartbreak, you will find beauty and art within it. It feels like lava burning in your chest but you will find yourself from this pain. You will make beautiful art from it, it will lead you down the road of long walks, novel writing and your love of astronomy. It will open your eyes and in time, you will be thankful.


7. Let go. Your best friend will get a girlfriend. He will text you every Christmas and birthday, let that be enough. He remembers. He will always remember. She needs him more than you do, sweetie. He will remain as kind as he was when you met him at sixteen. He is golden. He will remember.


8. Don’t let those pretentious hipsters tell you the Internet is a bad place. Yes, dammit, kids need to go outside and play. That doesn’t meet seeing your Aunt talk to her childhood best friend on Skype every night before bed isn’t beautiful. That doesn’t mean that 8 year olds watching YouTube tutorials on how to play piano isn’t magical. You and your best friend will use Google translator to send each other secret messages, and it will be wonderful. Love the Internet in moderation. How else would you be reading a hundred poems a night?


9. Write freely. Love deeply. Explore widely. Travel often. Eat more. Tell your Mum and Dad and little brothers how much you appreciate them. Visit your relatives, bake them cupcakes. Go into a bookstore and leave little happy notes inside as many books as you can before the ask you to leave. Buy more books from charity shops, they’re the ones with character.


10. Go to the planetarium as much as you can, it will feel like coming home. -s.r.w"
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"Fourteen. That’s how old I was when alcohol first burned its way down my throat. I spit out my first shot of vodka, and I cleaned up my best friend’s vomit. Now I can drink vodka straight, and we aren’t friends anymore. Fourteen. That’s how old I was the first time I smoked. The bubbly high became my new favorite thing, and I kissed a boy because my friend told me too. Now I get high because I can’t stand people sober, and that boy has a baby with someone else. Four years later and I keep trying to find myself in the bottom of a bottle or at the end of a blunt. But I’m not there, I don’t know where I am. I’m lost, and I can’t come back. If you find me send me home, because I don’t know what will happen if I’m not back soon."
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"I was prepared, but it still hurt."
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